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If you’ve been listened to our podcast episode The Big Welcome to 2016 Show and  F*&#@ June! you would know that I have been looking forward to this game all year. For those of you who haven’t, check out those links and I’ll give a quick rundown and why I hopped on the hype train only seeing that picture above and a short description.

We Happy Few began as a Kickstarter campaign in June 2015 from Compulsion Games (makers of Contrast) and recently became one of the highlights of E3. Early Access became available July 29th. WHF is an indy survival game set in a dystopian retrofuturistic (a phrase I just learned and fits so well) fictional town Wellington Wells, England.  In this world, everyone has to be happy. Everyone. At all times. It’s the law. Everyone takes the drug Joy to stay happy. Anyone who isn’t gets the fuzz sent after them and take a beating or can be killed.

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