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Pranks are fun aren’t they? You catch your friends/co-workers/family unawares with an innocent bait and switch. You set the trap: tape down the phone receiver, put a sticky note on the bottom of their mouse, change their desktop to some hairy, old geezer in a banana hammock and wait for the payoff. The worst that can happen is they miss a call (which is probably you, the pranker, calling to speed up the process anyway), think their mouse is dead and/or maybe find something out about themselves that they hadn’t previously thought. Lighthearted fun, right? We just had a holiday focused on such endeavors and even encourages these acts. In YouTube World™ there seems to be a trend forming that takes prank videos too far. Some pranks discussed, whether fake or not, tend to be toeing the legal line for the almighty Views (which equal $$). It’s a matter of time until real world consequences will outweigh fake Internet points.

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