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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Zoolander No. 2 can wait for Tightwad Tuesdays at the local cinema and Nicolas Sparks can go get funding for his eighth mansion built on tired formulaic hack writing from the suckers with no imagination. Over Valentine’s weekend we got a major HEART-on for DP. Grab some chimichangas and your favorite unicorn plush and join us in the pillow talk about the Merc with the Mouth.

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PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIESprideprejudicesmall1

I am a fan of the original book. You know, before the horde of the undead was added with the 2009 parody novel. Truth be told, I recently re-read the novel and remembered I wasn’t a big fan of this take on the classic Jane Austen tale. So, I wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to enjoy the film adaption.

As soon as the film started I immediately found myself unhappy… THIS wasn’t Pride & Prejudice… wait.. this ISN’T Pride & Prejudice. This is a parody… After telling myself that I was able to stop comparing it to it’s predecessor and actually enjoy it for what it was: a campy, bloody, and overall entertaining flick which delivered laughs, jump scares, and one hell of a sexy fight scene.

Zombies or not, Lily James is a superb Elizabeth Bennet. Regardless of if she is a strong-minded country girl or a highly-trained, zombie-killing warrior Elizabeth is a strong female character. She not only speaks her mind but she also does not allow anyone to bully her or make her submit to something she does not want. I felt this film and James stayed true to what Elizabeth Bennet is as a character. Plus the actress brought that little extra fierceness that made Bennet such a bad ass and believable as a warrior; all the while remaining charming and likeable. Actually, most of the women in this are portrayed as strong ladies capable of delivering a ass-whooping and less likely to come off as a damsel in distress. Hell, they even made Elizabeth’s sister, Jane, tougher than her romantic counterpart Mr. Bingley. At least that’s how it comes off the little we see him fight.

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