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Monthly Archives: January 2016

THE BOYthe-boy-2016

Gives minor suspense.

Doll is scarier than film.

Wait for DVD.


Additional Notes: While I didn’t personally find this flick all that scary, Pinkie Fluttershy did (She’s 7, remember). Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans overall carry the film forward for the most part. My main problem was it was too slow for a horror flick. There wasn’t enough jump scares and the suspense they tried building would fizzle away because nothing was really happening… The doll didn’t do much besides sit there and look creepy, which is where most of the uneasiness came from… that fucking doll staring at you from the screen… *Spoiler* Anytime the doll did anything it was either Cohan’s character dreaming or it happened off screen… which then it was mostly relocating to another part of the room. There is a “twist” in the end but after awhile you most likely figure out what’s happening and then the movie is disappointing. At least for me.

Another issue was the lack of character building. While Cohan and Evans did do well, as I mentioned above, there wasn’t enough there to make me give two shits about them. *Spoiler* Especially Cohan’s character who went through some shit with an abusive boyfriend and miscarriage, and is trying to start over, but her past comes back to get her. When said past does come I didn’t feel emotionally invested enough to care.

Overall, not impressed.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven has inducted a new member. While Bowie’s in space, the gang contemplate the Starman’s parting album and the impact he had on the lives of others and how Major Tom would want us, the fans, to pick up where he left off. Sophie plants a northworthy idea in Clown’s head while the Trap Queen shines a spotlight on the comic Union Jack and Spiderpool. Kimi defends her choice to kill The Doctor in Lego Dimensions and why Jack Skellington must scare and Hulk must Smash in Disney Infinity. Clown, Poopy, and Senchichi take a look at Star Trek through the decades as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Hand Crafted and Personally Curated Show Notes:


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JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERSJustice-League-Gods-and-Monsters-2015-movie-poster

Origins Anew

Justice not so black and white

Dark. Bold. Give us more!


Additional Notes: Bravo for Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, and DC Animated for delivering such an interesting take on three iconic characters. This is not the Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman you grew up with. Refreshing and beautifully dark. I really do hope we get more films featuring these characters or more comics. Either way, these characters have really captured my attention and I’m an instant fan of this take.



Under the Black Flag members Brittany Roberts and Chris Borden with Luke LaFontaine (Center).

A few weeks ago I was able to participate in a little event maybe some of you weren’t fortunate to hear about. The combat entertainment troupe, Under The Black Flag set up a class with stunt coordinator and instructor¬†Luke Lafontaine on wielding the legendary weapon from a galaxy far, far away.¬† Held at the Selma Arts Center, the event costed $50 to participate in the class itself, but for those interested in simply viewing the class there was a $10 charge to be able to sit and learn. I opted for participating and I’m glad I did. Not only did I feel like more of a bad ass walking out but I also got a workout in that stung so good the next day.

The class lasted four hours, and while it was themed to fighting with a lightsaber the one thing you have to keep in mind is a lightsaber IS a fictional weapon, but the weapon and the fighting style is based on Japanese culture. When getting started Luke showed us the basic defense movements and fighting stances. He went through how to advance and move about while keeping at the ready for attacks. After going through these he set us up with partners and began going over a coordinated fight sequence which was fun, but also integrated the different positions that were previously taught.

Luke LaFontaine instructs attendees of the Weapon of the Jedi Training Class

Luke LaFontaine instructs attendees of the Weapon of the Jedi Training Class

Next, Luke taught us an actual fight sequence then made us partner up again with different folks to practice and go through the sequence. Once it seemed we had mastered that he had some fun and added new moves into it and made us relearn it. After we had gotten fairly close to memorizing that sequence, he did it again… He added more moves to the sequence. Towards the end of it he went into what goes into stage combat, and making a fight sequence whether if it’s for fun or show. He also answered any questions anyone had on continuing their training and gave suggestions as to where and/or who to go to, etc.

Honestly, this was such a fun experience for me. I have always been interested in participating in something like this but have always been too intimidated to as I never knew if there should be some experience necessary or expected. Anyways, this class is great for beginners. Luke was a great instructor for this class. He had patience with everyone, he would make his way around the room to adjust anyone’s positions, and never shamed anyone for making mistakes. As mentioned previously, this class gave you a workout. My shoulders and upper back especially were sore by the evening.

Anyways, overall a fun experience I would absolutely join in on again if Under the Black Flag group were to host another class or even set up others. Be sure to give them a like on Facebook to keep up to date on any other events they’ll be involved with or to hire them for parties and events.


A few weeks ago I decided to check out the early access of Subnautica the open world, underwater, survival game from Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The game has been available in early access for over a year, but I didn’t learn about it until stumbling on to some YouTube let’s plays by IGP and Markiplier. I thought the game looked cool and the Steam Sale dropped the regular $19.99 to $13.99, which seemed like an acceptable risk to me.
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Welcome to 2016! We survived our battle with the holidays and share what we look forward to in the coming year in the realms of music, movies, TV, comics, and games.

On a high note, local band Stoneshiver has revealed new songs and intends to go into the studio this February after the band’s eight year hiatus.

On a somber note, at the time of recording we were anticipating David Bowie’s new album and wishing him a happy birthday. Little did we know he would pass away two days later. RIP Major Tom.
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