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Guess who’s back?
Back again
Nerd Noise back!
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Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back guess who’s back, guess who’s back, etc.

Hey! We’re back and we have a new song written and performed by our very own Nathan the Athiest Clown. Before he could be covered in groupies he, Meghan, Khaleesi of the Magicarp and The Dark Krystal gather for a minute and reflect on Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con.

Hand Crafted and Personally Curated Show Notes Freshly Delivered Straight to Your ASS (cause who reads these anyway?):

  • The origins of “Yeet!” for anyone who’s curious. Or is this what it means? Who knows anymore?
  • How it’s made ReDub
  • Bowel Movement Mountain in Nevada
  • When’s the next total solar eclipse viewable from the US? April 8, 2024. Start booking now!
  • City of Jerome, Idaho. The place you go when you don’t want to see people on Sundays.
  • Twin Falls, Idaho, where people attempt to commit suicide because they can’t see Twin Falls.
  • Craters of the Moon National Park website
  • Sites up to crowdsource science during the eclipse here.
  • Marvel Machine by Wintergatan
  • Scott Bakula
  • Congrats to Kensadi for coming FIRST in the Journeyman category at LACC@
  • Why there isn’t a Wonder Woman movie (NPR, 2013)
  • Male Cosplay Pinups panelists
  • A whole spreadsheet about gay body types and their names (otter, bear, etc) LEARN NEW THINGS!
  • Get Man v. Rock’s new book “Unpresidential” at Amazon NOW! RIGHT NOW!
  • Get yer Harebrained PERIOD PANTIES even if you don’t have a period!
  • Art of Jeff Pasqual
  • Get some good, witty tea from The Tea Book and sound off about the state of things!

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I’m not dead!

I don’t want to go on the cart!

Hand Crafted and Personally Curated Show Notes:

You can find us on Facebook, the Twitter, and at our website Send your questions and comments to

Music in this episode is Noir Theme by Pk jazz Collective

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Neal Adams To Unveil Excusive Bucky O’Hare Digital Comic Via The

All-New SWIPE Design Platform At Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con


And more!


You can create YOUR Bucky O’Hare Digital Comic with Neal Adams original drawings on SWIPE Design Platform!

Neal Adams Bucky O’Hare assets are available at SWIPE!

You may also use part of Neal Adams Bucky O’Hare assets to decorate your photos, graphic arts, etc.!


Swipe App Version Of Bucky O’Hare Based on Planned Motion Picture To Be Unveiled In Special Panel Session Set for Saturday October 29


For Immediate Release:


LOS ANGELES (October 20, 2016) – Bucky O’Hare – the original comic book series turned into a classic cartoon – makes its debut in the digital domain with an 8-page exclusive Swipe Studio e-comic book written and illustrated by brand creators Larry Hama and Michael Golden together with Neal Adams and his Continuity Productions.   Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Menace makes its premiere appearance Day One of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con taking place October 28-30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Designed utilizing the tools available on the all-new Swipe Studio design app, the latest offering in the Bucky O’Hare legacy follows Bucky and his crew as they do battle with the Toad Armada.  A special Los Angeles Comic Con presentation featuring legendary artist Neal Adams together with Swipe Studio’s famed creator Satoshi Nakajima (the software genius behind Windows 95 and Windows 98 along with Internet Explorer versions 3 and 4) is set for Saturday October 29 from 11am-12:00pm in room 403A.


The 8-pager provides fans with a glimpse into the creative for the planned Bucky O’Hare theatrical motion picture now in the works with Neal Adams producing and directing.


In addition to the Swipe Bucky O’Hare comic book, artist Neal Adams also worked with the Swipe team to load into the platform an impressive portfolio of Bucky art elements and animation that can be adapted by anyone for any digital purpose, including e-mails or presentations of any kind, including all main characters and several backgrounds.


Creators and artists can experience the free Swipe app instantly by downloading Swipe Studio to their iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and begin to create media-rich animated digital content.  To download the Swipe Studio, go to App Store


Swipe Studio users are welcome to join Facebook group; Swipe Studio Users


Swipe Studio is available only for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch users with version iOS9 or later.


“We are thrilled to unveil the newest Bucky O’Hare creative from the team responsible for this celebrated and enduring property at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic con,” said Nakajima.  “I look forward with tremendous enthusiasm towards sharing a panel with the great Neal Adams whose brilliant use of the Swipe Studio design tools helps us usher in a new era in digital design.”


“It has been a lot of fun to work with Swipe Studio and I encourage artists to check it out for their own design projects.  In fact, Swipie – which is Swipe’s platform for consumers – continues to offer a wealth of art and animation applications to enhance everything from emails to digital presentations.  Mr. Nakajima has built an extraordinary platform and I am proud to contribute Bucky O’Hare as a way of underscoring its power as a design platform,” said Neal Adams.


The brainchild of software genius Satoshi Nakajima – the engineering architect responsible for Windows 95 and Windows 98 along with Internet Explorer versions 3 and 4 – Swipe empowers everyone from consumers to creators to easily animate everything from emails to digital comics with media-rich digital elements and make use of animation, video, vector graphics as well as full audio for voice, music and sound effects on tablets and smartphones. Created to take full advantage of today’s touch-enabled smartphone and tablet technology, Swipe eliminates the need for complex programming typically required to build animation or other forms of design content.  As a result, creators, designers, animators and artists have the tools to create media-rich animated digital content for consumption via touch-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and touch-enabled set-top-boxes, such as iPhone and Apple TV.


About Swipe, Inc.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Swipe, Inc. is the parent company for Swipe™, an open source platform embedding the full range of visual and audio media into digital documents for smartphones, tablets and other touch-screen devices.  Swipe, Inc. Founder-Chief Technology Officer Satoshi Nakajima is recognized industry-wide as the lead engineer and architect of Windows 95 and Windows 98 which he created during his tenure with Microsoft.  Visit Swipe, Inc. online at

Head’s up to all of our creative Nerdlings! Do you have a kick-ass, original idea for either a movie or TV series, but legion-m-pitch-elevatorhave no idea how to get anyone to hear it? GOOD NEWS!! Legion M has sent out the details as to how you can pitch your idea for a chance to win a TV/Movie deal and cash prizes. Check out the info below and best of luck to everyone who enters! We look forward to hearing what new ideas are out there.

Legion M Offers Fans the Opportunity to Win a Film & TV Development Deal with Innovative Legion M Pitch Elevator


 Fans invited to participate in pilot filming at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con and submit pitches online



Legion M, the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company, will debut the Legion M Pitch Elevator at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con on October 28-30. Fans are invited to share their ideas for the next big hit film, TV, or virtual reality project with Legion M’s panel of industry insiders and executives, and compete for $4,000 in cash prizes and a development deal with Legion M that could be worth $15,000.


For those pitching on-site, Legion M has built a full-size elevator set where pitches will be recorded to potentially be a part of the Pitch Elevator TV pilot. Online submissions will also be accepted for consideration through the Legion M website from October 28 to November 28.


The Legion M Pitch Elevator is the next step in the company’s goal to open the gates of Hollywood by giving fans the opportunity to be a part of the content they love.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Prepare a pitch of up to 2 minutes for your movie or TV idea.
  2. Join Legion M at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con to make your pitch inside the Pitch Elevator movie set, and be a part of our TV series pilot!
  3. If you can’t make it person, record a 2-minute video of your pitch and submit online.
  4. Once all the pitches are collected, staff, members and shareholders of Legion M will judge and select finalists.
  5. 10 finalists will receive a $250 cash prize and a chance to pitch their idea to a panel of Hollywood agents and executives. One grand prize winner will receive $1,500 in cash and a development deal with Legion M that guarantees $15,000 if their project gets made!



In-Person: 5pm PT – Friday, October 28 –  4pm PT on Sunday, October 30

Online: Friday, October 28 – Monday, November 28



In-Person: Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

Los Angeles Convention Center – 1201 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Pitch Elevator Set located @ Booth 402




More Info


Video Link:


About Legion M

Legion M will be the world’s first FAN-OWNED entertainment company. FANS own the company, FANS get behind the scenes, and when Legion M is successful—FANS share the rewards! Legion M co-founders Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison are the Emmy-winning team who co-founded MobiTV, the pioneer and market leader in over the top and multiscreen platforms and content monetization, as well as the New York Rock Exchange which brought Fans and the musical artists they love together in partnership.


Legion M’s mission is to empower creators to push the boundaries, and empower Fans to be a part of the content they love.  Join us at

And now for something slightly different…An extra (though less polished) podcast on the topic of WonderCon 2016. Look for more of these extra “ellipsis” episodes in the near future and let us know what you think.

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As All Hallows’ eve arrives, four nerds pilgrimage to the heart of The City of Angels in search of hope. They seek to stoke the fires in their spirits so they may return home with glorious light to aid those who dwell in darkness. However, to rekindle this once blazing torch in their hearts they needed to find the following: a Man fighting a Rock, a Horse Man, an Army of Spider People, and a Princess. These are the tales from their adventure.

Hand Crafted and Personally Curated Show Notes:


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Deep in the abyss of Downtown Fresno It slept for millions of years.  It fed on the idleness of the native nerds and geeks.  Last year an event so great occurred It stirred from Its slumber.  This year the event grew.  This made It unhappy.  Will Zapp save us from the Idle Nerd Monster?

Hand Crafted and Personally Curated Show Notes:


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