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The Nerd Noise squad continues their conversation as to what they did and didn’t enjoy in 2016 and what in 2017 they hope doesn’t suck.


Extra Large Helping of Hand Crafted and Personally Curated Show Notes:

2016 Hits and Misses

Great Expectations in 2017

Slusho Sightings in J.J. Abrams films

Joe Biden Memes

“Donald Trump IS Going to Make Punk Rock Great Again…If We Do Our Jobs” by Amanda Palmer

“Beauty and the Beast Accent Woes” Ewan McGregor is so hot we don’t care if he can’t do a French accent

TDK almost killed another singer…again…BUT DIDN’T

“How to Fix the Games Industry” by H. Bomberguy

Nintendo Switch Presentation

Who Do We Blame Today? Click the link and find out!


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