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PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIESprideprejudicesmall1

I am a fan of the original book. You know, before the horde of the undead was added with the 2009 parody novel. Truth be told, I recently re-read the novel and remembered I wasn’t a big fan of this take on the classic Jane Austen tale. So, I wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to enjoy the film adaption.

As soon as the film started I immediately found myself unhappy… THIS wasn’t Pride & Prejudice… wait.. this ISN’T Pride & Prejudice. This is a parody… After telling myself that I was able to stop comparing it to it’s predecessor and actually enjoy it for what it was: a campy, bloody, and overall entertaining flick which delivered laughs, jump scares, and one hell of a sexy fight scene.

Zombies or not, Lily James is a superb Elizabeth Bennet. Regardless of if she is a strong-minded country girl or a highly-trained, zombie-killing warrior Elizabeth is a strong female character. She not only speaks her mind but she also does not allow anyone to bully her or make her submit to something she does not want. I felt this film and James stayed true to what Elizabeth Bennet is as a character. Plus the actress brought that little extra fierceness that made Bennet such a bad ass and believable as a warrior; all the while remaining charming and likeable. Actually, most of the women in this are portrayed as strong ladies capable of delivering a ass-whooping and less likely to come off as a damsel in distress. Hell, they even made Elizabeth’s sister, Jane, tougher than her romantic counterpart Mr. Bingley. At least that’s how it comes off the little we see him fight.

When it comes to Darcy, I am super critical. Darcy was one of my first, and long-lasting, literary crushes and as far as I’m concerned Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy. So I apologize Sam Riley for being overly critical of you at first, but I can say as the film progressed Riley’s version of Darcy grew on me. To me he had that seriousness that comes from playing Darcy but was more playful and comedic than most have portrayed Darcy (which, looking back, is necessary for this adaption) and I enjoyed that especially with his interactions with Bingley and Elizabeth. More importantly, Riley and James had that much required chemistry needed between Darcy and Elizabeth, that without it would have been a failure to the characters, story, and the fight scene mentioned above.

Pride-Prejudice-Zombies-featureHear me out, this is a retelling. Yes, it’s not actually Pride and Prejudice but this is still a romantic tale about two people in a dark world surrounded by death and despair who put their pride and prejudices of each other aside and fall in love with one another because they realize how great the other is and how great they are together. Without that necessary chemistry this movie would have fizzled, big time. At least, that’s my opinion.

Another stand out is Matt Smith as Mr. Collins. Dude was hilarious, and stole every scene he was in. His time as the Doctor really paid off for this role as he had to play a character who was annoying at times, obnoxious, and out of touch with what are social norms. Be honest, who does that sound like?

There were some things, unsurprisingly, that left me dissatisfied. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

The ending was a big one… there is a mid-credits scene which sets up a cliffhanger that left me internally screaming, “WHAT HAPPENS?? WHO FUCKING ENDS THINGS LIKE THAT??” Part of me is surprised to say.. that there better be a sequel or the writers better explain in the commentary what that ending meant cause what the shit, sirs..

Another thing I wasn’t digging was the fact that the zombies could talk. Like I’m not sure if that was suppose to make them scarier or if there was a point to it. I guess I gave them too much credit in thinking it was going to stick with the theme of misjudging those and finally putting prejudices aside, blah, blah, blah. NOPE, they’re just zombies. They even set up how zombies aren’t blood thirsty and rabid until they taste human brains then they become monsters… why set that up if you’re just going to skip over it? There was a lot of potential with that. Like I was expecting the sane undead to come aid the soldiers fighting the killer zombies and then there be a weird truce or something. Nope… just zombies. They bad. Kill them.

What they did with Lady Catherine seemed lazy. One minute she’s hell bent on killing Elizabeth then, LITERALLY, the next second it’s like, “Oh, you’re family can come to my fortress of an estate and remain safe. I’ll keep them safe.” Which Elizabeth is like okay! Forget the fact that this woman just had two swords to your throat ready to behead you. Like WTF? Also, we hear how much of a bad ass this woman is. We get one scene of her screaming, swords drawn, and missing an eye and that’s it? No. I want to see her kick some undead ass. Seriously, that was a let down.

For the most part I enjoyed this film. It’s fun. It’s an interesting take on a classic tale that while it does derail from the book it’s adapted from; the end result remains the same. EXCEPT THAT FUCKING CLIFFHANGER!!! Still, I feel this movie is an enjoyable option for the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend (if Deadpool is sold out) and one I will actually be adding to my DVD shelves once it is released. Put your pride and prejudices away and you might find yourself surprised and loving what’s presented to you. Until next time!