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THE BOYthe-boy-2016

Gives minor suspense.

Doll is scarier than film.

Wait for DVD.


Additional Notes: While I didn’t personally find this flick all that scary, Pinkie Fluttershy did (She’s 7, remember). Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans overall carry the film forward for the most part. My main problem was it was too slow for a horror flick. There wasn’t enough jump scares and the suspense they tried building would fizzle away because nothing was really happening… The doll didn’t do much besides sit there and look creepy, which is where most of the uneasiness came from… that fucking doll staring at you from the screen… *Spoiler* Anytime the doll did anything it was either Cohan’s character dreaming or it happened off screen… which then it was mostly relocating to another part of the room. There is a “twist” in the end but after awhile you most likely figure out what’s happening and then the movie is disappointing. At least for me.

Another issue was the lack of character building. While Cohan and Evans did do well, as I mentioned above, there wasn’t enough there to make me give two shits about them. *Spoiler* Especially Cohan’s character who went through some shit with an abusive boyfriend and miscarriage, and is trying to start over, but her past comes back to get her. When said past does come I didn’t feel emotionally invested enough to care.

Overall, not impressed.